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About Us

Amusetoi is a Hong Kong-based brand. The name AMUSETOI is inspired by the French Language with the meaning of "joy and happiness". When we first created the brand, we intended to bring customers joy and happiness through our products.

Amusetoi is founded in 2018 with a team of three young people. The initial idea of the brand originated from two of the founders studying abroad in US. Influenced by the western metropolitan fashion culture, they believed that when the simplicity from the West combines with the vintage style from the East, it will create a different chemistry.

Our pursuit of the product quality is as sincere as the hearts of a couple, it is important to closely monitor the quality during manufacturing process. This was when we met our third founder experienced in bags and accessories manufacturing. Our business concept and pursuit of craftsmanship synchronize perfectly.

Even though one of our founders has rich experience in manufacturing, he had a hard time controlling the quality of the products. Ever since we started sourcing the raw material, we had been visiting more than 20 leather factories to search for fine and smooth leather without any bites or damages to avoid over repairing. Meanwhile, we were looking for top grain leather with a soft and thick texture. (Top grain leather has the best quality among all genuine leather and its price is relatively higher than the other kinds of leather.) The leather quality is directly related to the texture of the bag itself. A nice leather material is smooth and shiny, fine and rich with no added chemicals.

Besides leather, the hardware accessories and packaging materials are also carefully chosen for design. We have been through several times of moulding and experimental stages to find the perfect 24K gold color for the hardware accessories, but the outcome was not quite satisfying. After a number of trials, we decided to start over the whole process again and find a new partner with better craftsmanship skills. The 24K gold accessories represent low-key luxury style, perfectly match with the classic princess blue of Amusetoi.

We have collaborated with fabric suppliers of international brands for our satin bags. Their experience of collaborating with high quality brands will ensure high-end texture of our bags. We have picked different paper materials and colors for our packaging designs, done all the sealing and pressing processes manually by hand. Our strict and high standard of quality control will improve brand’s texture and uphold our belief of letting our customers to feel happy and satisfied when they receive our products.

From establishing our brand to our first launch, we have invested all our minds and effort. The birth of Amusetoi is filled with the emotions and spirits of our team, going through a long journey to demonstrate in our designs the young generation’s pursuit of quality of life, their desire to be seen and loved, and the voice of searching for their real self.

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Email: support@amusetoi.design
Monday to Saturday: 10am - 6pm

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