Luminous Ring
The entire ring is completely embedded with SA zircon, defining affordable luxury and elegance. The pearls added extraordinary splendors to the ring, giving it an elegant touch. Shining yet keeping it classic.  925 Sterling Silver, Real platinum plating SA zircon...
$37.70 $33.30
Signature Logo Ring - Gold
A chosen destiny. A neutral style of high quality with the flexible use of letter ai+i. With sterling silver platinum plating materials and an opening design, you can easily adjust the size you want. 925 Sterling Silver, Real platinum plating...
  • Gold
  • Silver
Foremost Ring
Unisex style. The form of sterling silver letter A changes in series. Designed specially with a simplis­tic character to remind you of the feelings of first love.  925 Sterling Silver, Real platinum plating   Size: #5-#10 
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